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Tomorrow: Listen to 89.3 wpfw for show about the PFZ's

Hello friends,

Tomorrow at 7pm eastern time the Latino Media Collective (who our LaPalabra buddies are apart of <3)  will devote an hour long show to the criminalization of marginalized communities, with a focus on DC. Nopfzs contributor and community activist Darby Hickey will be a guest on the show and giving us straight talk about the Prostitution Free Zones. Ruby Corado, of the DC Trans Coalition (DCTC) will be doing the same. There will be some other great guests also! It’s gonna be a kick ass show!

If you are in the DC area, you can tune in at 89.3fm. If you aren’t, fear not! You can listen online at It gives you a couple streaming options.

The lapalabra link below takes you to a short audio piece about the PFZ’s with Darby. Listen and enjoy! 

<3 nopfzs


Break It Down: Prostitution Free Zones

Local activist Darby Hickey explains what “Prostitution Free Zones” are, how they affect our communities, and how they tie into a larger trend of of criminalization.  You can take action against “prostitution free zones” (PFZs) here:

You can also hear more about PFZs and the criminalization of marginalized communities next Wednesday, February 8 at 7pm on the Latino Media Collective radio show.  Check us out at or 89.3fm. 

Working to eliminate the "Prostitution Free Zones," or "PFZ's" in Washtington DC